Purchasing a Puppy at Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney

While not all breeders at Third Monday in McKinney set up on Friday, shoppers will find more than 25 breeders of dogs and fowl on Saturday and Sunday. The breeds of dogs that are sold at Trade Days vary each month. The market does not know what breeds will be at each market until Wednesday noon of the market week. If you want to know which breeds will be at a specific market, please call the office at 972-562-5466 after noon on Wednesday just before that market.

Dog breeders must provide purchasers with a bill of sale, seller’s warranty, any necessary registration papers, a record of shots, and the breeder’s contact information. The warranty provides you a 72-hour period to have the puppy checked by a vet. If the vet determines that the puppy is sick or has been misrepresented to you and will detail this information in writing, the breeder is required to refund your money upon your immediate return of the puppy. If the market office becomes aware of a breeder who does not follow this policy, that breeder will be barred from selling at Trade Days.