Our next market is November 12-14 and the following market is December 17-19, after which Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney will close permanently. While the market property has not been sold, the property’s pivotal location would be more productively used and beneficial to the community as a whole and the city if used by businesses open daily rather than used by a business that is open only 3 days a month.

Since neither vendors nor shoppers will be able to contact the office after December 31, 2021, vendors and shoppers may want to consider sharing contact information at the November 12-14 or December 17-19 markets in order to reach each other after the market closes.

We are thankful for all the vendors and shoppers who have maintained this market over many years.

\Rumors of our being closed are false. (Rumors of our being closed are false.

Open Friday 9-4; Open Saturday & Sunday 9-5

The remaining market dates are:

Nov. 12-14 Dec. 17-19

A Family Friendly Flea Market!

Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas is the oldest and largest monthly trade days/flea market in North Texas with roots back to the old county-wide market that began in the 1870’s in McKinney. It is located in the historic Buckner Community which was the first County Seat of Collin County.

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